04 February 2013

Running a Casting Call

Running a casting call is probably one of the longest and most entertaining things one can do during a cold January weekend. It was especially fun to meet attractive people, watch models do their runway walks, and decide who will be a good fit for the show. 

One after another, models walked into the casting room eager to see if the casting director and myself would nod our heads in approval. As a model in the show last year, it was interesting to see how things unfolded on the other side of the casting room door. In this industry, it is completely acceptable to judge someone based on how they look and how they walk, which seems like a no-brainer to most people, but only a select number of people can master a runway walk. 

After each model left the room, we decided if they had a good walk, which was fairly easy to tell in a single step or two, and decided if we wanted them in the show. Most importantly, we had to see if the model will be enjoyable to work with after talking to him or her for only a couple of minutes. A lot of it has to do with personality. Luckily, a ton of great, nice, and talented ladies and gentleman came through and we were able to accept over thirty models for the show. 

Photo credit to the amazingly talented, Sarah Smiley.

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