25 December 2013

Happy Holidays

Sending good vibes to you this holiday season! xx

Blouse: Jack Henry NY
Mink Jacket: Vintage
Earrings: Gabriela Artigas

15 December 2013

Personal Website

Finished my personal website. Take a peak, here.

28 July 2013

What's Hot Right Now

Artistic pieces, quality leather, making big conversation: Paris House

Inimitable neoprene tailored lines, strong conceptions and smart design: N.L.P. Women

Greek designer, industrial design, with her Grandmother's inspiration, from family business to her own plexiglass designs: Urania Gazelli

Eva and Gorga, NYC, creating fine jewelry, focusing on line quality, creating a story: Eva Fehren

The creative generation, celebrating all, handmade, hand crafted, with perfect imperfections: Mamadoux

19 June 2013


This summer, I was honored the opportunity to take on a marketing internship position at The Chicago Sun-Times: SPLASH. Throughout my days here, working with three other fabulous blonde interns and one not-so-dull fashion blogger, I have learned quite a lot about what to wear in the professional world. 

With my grungy university gear and leggings put to the way side, I have become quite versed in what a chic and stylish business lady must wear in the office. Apparently, everyone must acquire the Hermès Hapi or Kelly bracelet to be considered in vogue and a good watch, whether it be a Cartier or Rolex is a desirable must. And the end all be all for any business woman is a pair of Prada or Christian Louboutin heels.

While at the moment, I can only gawk at Hermès bracelets and Rolex's, and Christian Louboutin heels for the matter, I am the most sure that I have ever been that with hard work and effort, I will have great success. Helping plan events, coordinating gift bags, and conversing with advertisers, I have taken on the responsibilities that will lead me down what I hope to be a successful path and with time, I will be able to dress the part of a stylish and glamorous business mavin. #getitgirl

11 March 2013

04 February 2013

Running a Casting Call

Running a casting call is probably one of the longest and most entertaining things one can do during a cold January weekend. It was especially fun to meet attractive people, watch models do their runway walks, and decide who will be a good fit for the show. 

One after another, models walked into the casting room eager to see if the casting director and myself would nod our heads in approval. As a model in the show last year, it was interesting to see how things unfolded on the other side of the casting room door. In this industry, it is completely acceptable to judge someone based on how they look and how they walk, which seems like a no-brainer to most people, but only a select number of people can master a runway walk. 

After each model left the room, we decided if they had a good walk, which was fairly easy to tell in a single step or two, and decided if we wanted them in the show. Most importantly, we had to see if the model will be enjoyable to work with after talking to him or her for only a couple of minutes. A lot of it has to do with personality. Luckily, a ton of great, nice, and talented ladies and gentleman came through and we were able to accept over thirty models for the show. 

Photo credit to the amazingly talented, Sarah Smiley.

21 January 2013

Théo Gosselin

Road-tripping French photographer Théo Gosselin rocks: end of story. 

20 January 2013

What's New?

After a lengthy winter break and a lack of posts, I have decided that in the next coming months I will share my experience with you planning a fashion show. This semester, I will be in charge of running the second University of Wisconsin-Madison Fashion Week Runway Show. From contacting retailers to choosing models, I will make this experience an interactive blogging process. Look out for the first event: The UWFW Casting Call on January 25th and 26th. Other than that, seventeen days until NYFW! xx.

12 January 2013

UWFW Casting Call

This year I am taking the lead in planning the University of Wisconsin-Madison's Fashion Week Show. Model Castings are on January 25th and 26th. We are looking for some new faces to walk down our runway on March 15th! xx.