06 December 2012

Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are often a time of anxiety, ensuring that we all find that perfect gift for a loved one. As college students dealing with final exams, projects and papers, who has time to shop? We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite gifts that your friends and family are sure to love this holiday season.

For your Mom
Since mommas like to read, consider buying her a Kindle. Starting at $69, a Kindle is a reasonably priced gift that your mother will truly appreciate. With built-in Wifi, your mother will have easy access to stalking your Facebook while simultaneously reading the latest Jodi Picoult novel. With the ability to enlarge fonts, your mother will feel young and hip not needing her reading glasses.
Henri Bendel bangle is the perfect way to tell your mother that she is still really cool and can be fashionable just like you. Ranging from around $50 to $90, you have the ability to choose from the signature style or some newer Art Deco and buckled styles.
For your Dad
For lounging around over the holiday break, your Dad will love a J. Crew sleep set, for $89.50. With a fashionable paisley design, that he may or may not notice, and super soft cotton, your Dad will surely be glad to rock his newest jammies Christmas morning.
With the signature baseball-inspired leather first used by Coach in the 50s, your Dad will surely love the Heritage Baseball double billfold wallet. Coming in both black and brown for $168, your father will love that you thought of incorporating his appreciation for sports into his gift to some extent.
For your boyfriend or girlfriend
Since we know college boys love beer, buy your man a personalized beer mug for the holidays. For around $20, your man can become the world’s beer pong champ or the owner of his own Irish pub. Include a high quality six-pack for him to enjoy.
Please avoid the tacky jewelry and get your girlfriend something cool. Although it seems cliché, ladies do love lingerie. Try this classy, sequined Free People option for around $150. Both you and your girl will be sure to enjoy the gift.
For your best friend, brother or sister
Buy your best guy friend or brother, a pair of texting gloves from Agloves for $34.99. He will now be able to text you all hours of the day and keep himself updated on ESPN while walking through the snow.
Lululemon was probably the best and most comfortable invention in the world. Buy your BFF or sissy a pair of Lululemon shorts for $68 so that she can enjoy spinning, running or whatever all us ladies do to stay thin.
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