09 April 2012

Girls on Film

Browsing Nasty Gal's blog, I came across an awesome photography zine, Girls on Film. The editor of the zine, Igor Termenonon, is a brilliant photographer who currently resides in the UK and works as a Media Architect. Girls on Film shares photographer's portraits taken with film cameras; no digital images are allowed. Anyone is able submit images to be featured in the zine. Check out these wonderful shots from the Girls on Film blogspot and take a peak at the blog, here.


  1. Hi,

    This is Igor Termenon, thanks a lot for this lovely review! I saw that you read about Girls on Film on Nylon's blog, do you remember the address by any chance? Been trying to find the post but haven't found it.

    Thanks a lot again,


  2. Well, thank you for catching my mistake...it was on Nasty Gal's Blog!
    Thank you! If you ever need any interns, let me know!