14 February 2012

"juste un clou"

the cartier, "juste un clou", bracelet designed by aldo cipullo is going to be relaunched (announced in the march harper's bazaar). roman designer, cipullo, began working in italy and eventually moved to the states in 1959 to study at the school of visual arts in new york city. he got started working with david webb and tiffany. he began to work with cartier in the late sixties, after designing costume jewelry for trifari. in 1969 he came out with the love bracelet that could only come on and off with a screwdriver. throughout his career with cartier he experimented with new design techniques, such as using nails and dollar signs. he said, “to repeat the past is an easy way to get out of thinking, it’s an escape. The important thing is to reflect the present” (from faerber family site). i am looking forward to seeing "juste un clou's" second debut in the next coming month's.

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