31 January 2012

suzannah wainhouse

featured in the new york times fashion section last may, brooklyn-based designer suzannah wainhouse is inspirational and someone worth sharing. wainhouse has strong values and believes that all art should be created by hand. she works with paint as well as metal and gets her inspiration from patterns in nature and the concept of primitivism in creation. she works with hand tools and explains that, "anything can become an artifact" (New York Times, Women's Fashion). take a look at her spring 2011 look book, here.

images sourced from new york times web article

30 January 2012

mara hoffman swimwear

inspired by travel and fantasy, mara hoffman's spring swimsuit line is stunning. her looks give off tribal vibes with the bold prints and sharp colors. i've always loved her creative use of cut outs and unique embellishments on her swimwear. her suits are energetic and unique, much different than a plain old bikini. remember, spring break is just around the corner!

as well, take a peak at mara hoffman's artistic collaboration design series and pop-up shop in miami (that debuted december first). hoffman worked with multiple artists to produce their work on her swimwear or leggings. only fifteen of each item was produced, and each was signed by the artist. pretty cool i'd say. take a look at the mercedes-benz fashion week post, here.

29 January 2012

just cavalli spring/summer 2012

although the collection debuted september in milan, just cavalli's spring/summer ad campaign is something worth sharing. i came across the ad in february's elle magazine and fell in love with the playful and sexy terry richardson image, along with the most amazing dress for spring. i adore the rock and bohemian inspired looks with studs, tight jeans, flowing dresses and edgy patterned fabrics. the use of animal prints and studs definitely defines this line. take a look at this fall's past show, the music and interesting layout of the runway are quite fun (video).

images sourced from designscene.net

26 January 2012

elie saab

designer elie saab debuted his spring collection in paris this week. in 1982 saab launched his first beirut-based label. as his line grew, he opened up shop in milan and paris. he was the first non-italian designer to become a member of the italian camera nazionale della moda. by 1998 he was showing his collections in rome, milan, and monaco. in 2003 the chambre syndicale de la haute couture invited saab to become a member. he showed his first haute couture line in paris, in 2003.

the spring line he debuted this week was absolutely stunning. the vintage theme and light pastel palette was beautiful. the gowns almost seemed to float. the sheerness and lightness of the fabrics and floral decals make his line one of a kind. frosty blue details in the fabric give an ice princess type of feel to the entire collection. take a look at some of the images below. i am so glad to have just discovered this designer's collection. it is fabulous.

24 January 2012


karl lagerfeld debuted his all blue spring collection tuesday in paris. the show was inspired by air planes, in which the guests sat in seats and the models walked down the aisle. servers, or flight attendants, served guests champagne as they watched the show. images of clouds, chanel monograms, and swiveling seats allowed for prime viewing pleasure. lagerfeld used 154 different shades of blue in this collection. "Blue is a palette all in itself," Lagerfeld said, "the colour of air, of the sky, or the eyes of a little cat" — like the one he was recently given as a gift (according to a canadian news report). models wore their hair combed and teased straight up and were adorned in drop pendant earrings. there were many long coats, dresses, and sheer evening wear walking up and down the runway. one of the most amazing details of the show was the embellishments made upon the gowns. beading, embroidery, and the unique use of plastic detailed the dresses. this show was definitely very unique and innovative. take a look at some of the images below.

20 January 2012

eudes de santana

this brazilian photographer (currently based out of barcelona, spain) is fabulous. he is called eudes de santana. his work is quite prevalent on many blogs, flickr, and tumblr. his portfolio is super rad. i am kind of a little obsessed with his work. i love how his work is natural and the models don't have a ton of makeup on or their hair all done up. his look is youthful, playful, and fun. i suggest you look at the website to see more images, eudesdesantana.com.

19 January 2012

vanessa mooney
spring and summer collections

first off, vanessa mooney's spring preview and spring/summer collection are truly amazing. the cuffs and layered bracelets are so cool, along with the pops of turquoise in many of the pieces. i am also loving the use of colored beads in the pieces. the bags in the upcoming collection are also fabulous with beaded details. the mix of metalwork, stones, and beads is utterly unique and interesting. one of my favorite pieces this upcoming season is a turquoise beaded brass piece with a pendant of three set stones. it is absolutely stunning!