13 December 2012

One of my Favorite Articles

Status updates, tweets, pins and posts have become the way to keep up with the fashion world. Without Rebecca Minkoff’s Facebook posts, we wouldn’t have a clue about her upcoming sample sales. Without the Harper’s Bazaar Twitter account, we wouldn’t see exclusive sketches from this season’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Without Pinterest, we couldn’t easily collect all of our fashion inspiration in one place. And without Instagram, we would be completely out of the loop in knowing which Jeffrey Campbell Litas we absolutely need this season. Case in point, social media has completely revolutionized the fashion industry, and it’s imperative that we stay connected to remain up-to-date.


All of us fashionistas know that the Nasty Gal or Minkpink ads that show up on Facebook are not by chance. With Facebook’s effective advertising platform, fashion brands have more easily expanded their brand’s recognition. Thanks to millions of “likes,” businesses such as Sephora and Burberry are able to advertise their brand and even engage their consumers on a personal level. After all, how many times have we posted on Marc Jacobs’ page hoping that maybe, just maybe, Marc himself would answer? The personal experience that Facebook advertising has given us with our favorite labels has arguably increased brand loyalty and propelled many new names into the mainstream.
If you haven’t yet followed Fashion Week on Twitter, you are definitely missing out on the latest and greatest social media. With Twitter, whether you want to know who walked down the D&G runway, or who was sitting front row at the Marchesa show, you simply have to follow one of about a billion different fashion accounts, all keeping followers up-to-date with instantaneous news. Fashion personalities have also taken the social media by storm, and so if you’ve ever wanted to read real-time updates from the likes of @bryanboy or @OscarPRGirl, follow them and enjoy. Ultimately, Twitter allows us to never leave our computer or smartphone again to know what’s going on in the world of style.
Whether you prefer repinning Louboutins or pinning your latest fashion finds, Pinterest has created a frenzy of excitement in the fashion world. Brands have created their own pages, mood boards and contests via Pinterest. You can now make a board to share your favorite LBDs with the entire world. Pinterest has become a platform for inspiring fashionistas and showing your followers what you think is cool and what they must be looking at.
Recently, Instagram has also become wildly successful, due to innovations such as Facebook’s sharing app. The ability to post photos on Facebook, Twitter and almost any other social media allows Instagram to connect with users instantly. Fashion insiders also use these photos to give fun, exciting behind-the-scenes perspectives to their followers, such as showcasing the diversity of oxfords worn by interns at Free People. Even cooler for us is when photographers and models post images from their remarkable photo shoots, all within seconds of wrapping up. By utilizing the variety of filters and sharing options on Instagram, the fashion world has more readily branded individual labels, all for our delight.
In our modern society, social media essentially makes the world go round. Without the basic necessities of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram the fashion world would probably stop spinning in its fabulous, this season, must have, Manolo Blahnik heels.

Bloggers We Love

An unstoppable fashion blogger, writer and designer, Elin Kling truly does it all. With the push from a friend, Kling immersed herself in the Swedish blogging world, creating her blog Style By Kling.
Initially, Kling posted pictures of what she wore daily, hoping to inspire her new followers. After just two days of asking strangers on the street to photograph her, Kling’s blog became an immediate sensation.

With experience in the industry, having served as the head of the fashion desk at Expressen, Sweden’s second-largest daily newspaper, and having worked as the fashion and lifestyle editor of SOLO magazine, Kling already had a handle on what to publish on her site. She subsequently co-founded Now-Manifest, an umbrella fashion-ad network owned by Condé Nast, which also includes bloggers such as Bryan Boy and Anna Dello Russo.
After the initial success of her blog, Kling launched her magazine Style By, which strives to reignite an interest in print, especially in new generations. With a similar tone and vibe to her blog, Kling’s magazine won the Best Magazine of the Year award in Sweden.

The Swedish blonde that does it all also launched her clothing line, Nowhere, in December 2011. With a chic, laid-back style and an emphasis on key staples, Kling’s line includes wearable designs with interesting twists, such as zippers, cutouts and metal embellishments. She also created the first and only blogger-designed line for H&M that launched exclusively in Sweden in 2011.
With a perfected work strategy, Kling has the ability to mix her professionalism and personal voice. For example, Kling modeled for Marc Jacobs and posted the images on her blog, allowing the cross-linking of his brand and hers to gain collective recognition. As evidenced through strategic moves like these, Kling has established her own brand and revolutionized Swedish arm of the fashion industry. In an interview with i-D Magazine, Kling advises aspiring fashion bloggers to, “Enjoy yourself, but also think for longer than a picture outside a show. Use the power of your traffic.”

06 December 2012

Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are often a time of anxiety, ensuring that we all find that perfect gift for a loved one. As college students dealing with final exams, projects and papers, who has time to shop? We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite gifts that your friends and family are sure to love this holiday season.

For your Mom
Since mommas like to read, consider buying her a Kindle. Starting at $69, a Kindle is a reasonably priced gift that your mother will truly appreciate. With built-in Wifi, your mother will have easy access to stalking your Facebook while simultaneously reading the latest Jodi Picoult novel. With the ability to enlarge fonts, your mother will feel young and hip not needing her reading glasses.
Henri Bendel bangle is the perfect way to tell your mother that she is still really cool and can be fashionable just like you. Ranging from around $50 to $90, you have the ability to choose from the signature style or some newer Art Deco and buckled styles.
For your Dad
For lounging around over the holiday break, your Dad will love a J. Crew sleep set, for $89.50. With a fashionable paisley design, that he may or may not notice, and super soft cotton, your Dad will surely be glad to rock his newest jammies Christmas morning.
With the signature baseball-inspired leather first used by Coach in the 50s, your Dad will surely love the Heritage Baseball double billfold wallet. Coming in both black and brown for $168, your father will love that you thought of incorporating his appreciation for sports into his gift to some extent.
For your boyfriend or girlfriend
Since we know college boys love beer, buy your man a personalized beer mug for the holidays. For around $20, your man can become the world’s beer pong champ or the owner of his own Irish pub. Include a high quality six-pack for him to enjoy.
Please avoid the tacky jewelry and get your girlfriend something cool. Although it seems cliché, ladies do love lingerie. Try this classy, sequined Free People option for around $150. Both you and your girl will be sure to enjoy the gift.
For your best friend, brother or sister
Buy your best guy friend or brother, a pair of texting gloves from Agloves for $34.99. He will now be able to text you all hours of the day and keep himself updated on ESPN while walking through the snow.
Lululemon was probably the best and most comfortable invention in the world. Buy your BFF or sissy a pair of Lululemon shorts for $68 so that she can enjoy spinning, running or whatever all us ladies do to stay thin.
2 WC
For your favorite stylish Badger fan, check out a staff favorite: Boy Meets Girl by Stacy Igel’s latest line of Badger gear, Boy Meets Girl University for UW-Madison. Products are available online through the UW Bookstore or at select UW Bookstore locations.
From MODA Magazine

29 November 2012


Here is another one of my recent photo shoots for your viewing pleasure. I shot with the lovely, talented seventeen year old, Julia Levine. She takes absolutely gorgeous pictures! 

28 November 2012

Porcelain Doll

It's been quite the long time since I've last posted anything interesting and pretty, so I thought I would share my most recent images from my shoot with the wonderful Jessica Monte

08 November 2012

My Sincerest Apologies...

My apologies for being completely M.I.A. the last couple of months. I have been all tied up working for MODA Magazine! Please check out my latest articles here! I will begin posting as soon as I can! xx.

19 August 2012


My mother always asks me what inspires me. And as a creative person, I should always have an answer, but most of the time I say I have no idea, because really, I have no idea. I know I am generally inspired by art, music, nature and fashion but who isn't inspired by at least one of those things? 

My family recently took a trip to Washington DC and after visiting the Smithsonian Art Museum I felt I could answer my mother's question quite well. 

My father and sister walked around complaining, describing Rothko paintings as something a child could create. And really, a child could create these paintings, but the thought behind each stroke of paint or combination of color makes all the difference.

I remembered my quirky art history professor explaining the importance of complementary color pairs or the slight, but noticeable change of tone from one part of the canvas to another. He used terms like wackadoo and What the Hello Kitty are you talking about? to keep his students engaged. Besides the fact I secretly wanted to be best friends with him, he made art history exciting and surprisingly enough, I actually enjoyed going to his class.

So rather than seeing this Rothko painting as simple colored squares, I recognized his use of bleeding and layered color and the optical richness in his work. I knew the second I walked into the room that this specific painting was a Rothko, thanks to my lovely professor. 

Seeing Rodin's The Kiss was mesmerizing. I recalled the love affair between Claudel and Rodin and the importance of conversation in each of his sculptures.

Walking past the creations of Matisse, Van Gogh and Pollock made me remember what gets me goin'. I admire the use of bright, acidic color in Matisse's work and the use of line and impasto in Van Gogh's pieces. I don't prefer Pollack's work, but I can admire the fact that he got involved with the canvas and often spectators would find cigarette butts amongst the drips and splatters of paint. 

Now I have an answer as to what inspires me. I am inspired by paint on a canvas and the opportunity to learn about why this paint was put on the canvas in the way that it was. It is all about finding a connection with a piece of work, regardless of if it being a painting or not. Inspiration cannot be found from something unless you can feel some sort of connection with it.

17 August 2012

02 August 2012


I’ve been taking some time to rework my blog, especially finding my own personal voice. Feel Free Fashion is a blog that focuses on fashion and photography that I find inspiring. In the next few weeks I will be revamping Feel Free Fashion and making my posts more personal and catered to people who find fashion as inspiring as I do. Keep a lookout for new and exciting posts. Follow Feel Free Fashion on Facebook and a soon to be Twitter account. Thanks for Following! xx.

24 June 2012

Jason Sadrak

Photographer Jason Sadrak was born in Mexico City and currently resides in NYC. Eric Hennebert represents Sadrak in Paris. His work is simple, yet beautiful and showcases chic, natural women. His strong black and white images are worth sharing. Take a peak at his website to see all of his work, here

29 May 2012


Tomorrow, I will be traveling to Israel. I will be gone for two weeks and will have some lovely pictures up once I return. Thanks for following Feel Free Fashion. xx

27 May 2012

A to Z Vintage Shoot

Yesterday, I participated in shooting the summer A to Z Vintage lookbook. Photographer, Patrick Trautfield shot five models, including myself, in a 1800s vintage inspired home. The unique house, along with the gorgeous models produced some very lovely images. Alaina Zieman, owner of A to Z Vintage styled some beautiful outfits, including Dior pants with a silk top, custom studded shorts with leather and floral tanks and some rad vintage tees. Be sure to check Alaina's website and like her Facebook page. She is quite the lady! Take a look at a few Instagram shots from yesterday and keep yours eyes open for the entire lookbook which should be up in a week or two!