23 January 2011

Aurelie Bidermann

Born in Paris, Aurelie Bidermann studied at gemology school in Anvers. Aurelie bases her jewelry off the idea of finding "lucky charms" and creating them into a piece of art. I adore her pieces and love how she mixes string with metal and makes snakes into earrings. Check out her website, there is much more lovely jewelry to be seen; aureliebidermann.com.

17 January 2011


Inspired by Terry Richardson, my friend and I did a photo shoot this past week. I love Richardson's raw images, and I think we evoked that in this shoot.

Credit to Michael-Bryan Byers-Dent.

13 January 2011


Brokenfab's hand beaded jewelry is really, really cool. Inspired by African American tribal culture, this jewelry is edgy, retro, and totally unique. I absolutely adore it! Check out their site, brokenfab boutique.