14 March 2010

Cartier and America

Yesterday, in San Francisco, my family visited the Legion of Honor Museum to view the Cartier and America exhibit. The exhibit contains the diamond pieces of the 1920s and 1930s and more unique creations with precious and semi-precious stone carvings. Watches, clocks, tiaras, necklaces, bracelets, and some of the most amazing jewelry filled the exhibit. Some of my favorite pieces had stone carvings of coral and sapphire. The emerald pieces were also exquisite. Cartier's designs are all so outstanding and so detailed. The bezels on his rings have intricate heart details, diamonds, and rubies. There was a snake necklace with over 2,000 diamonds and enamel that moved and flowed to mimic a snake's slither. Every piece created went through so much planning and thought. It was such a beautiful exhibit.

08 March 2010

Belle Chanel

The red carpet was filled with gowns last night, but only a few dresses caught my eye. Many dresses were on the boring side, but Chanel, as always, stood out. I adore Diane Kruger's and Sarah Jessica Parker's gowns. The halter, exquisite train, and flower detail on Diane's dress is simply beautiful and flattering. Sarah's dress is so unique; the neckline is outstanding and the flower detail on the back is so unexpected. Chanel's gowns are always so classic and stunning!

07 March 2010

Paris Fashion Week

Valentino's collection for spring was incredible. The clothes all have an airy, lightweight feel to them. Intricate lace and detail make each piece stand out. I adore the shoes with the black wiring on the heel. The black pleated jumpsuit with the lace on the top has great movement and flow to it. The long dress is exquisite. I love the sheerness with the detailed applique and mesh-like design along the neckline. Each piece has its own movement down the runway and all the garments flow together with one another. This is definitely one of my favorite collections from Paris Fashion Week!