02 September 2009

The September Issue

"Fashion is a religion. This is a bible."

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R.J. Cutler's film, The September Issue, delves deep into the life of Anna Wintour, the editor and chief of Vogue magazine. As everyone knows, the September issue of Vogue is filled to the brim with fashion and trends, therefore it tends to weigh in at nearly four pounds. The movie takes us through the journey of Anna and her crew during the completion of the September issue itself. Fashion Week, photo shoots, journeys to Europe, and staff meetings are all included in the strenuous process of completing the issue on time. The movie delves deep into the conflicts between Anna and Vogue's creative director Grace Coddington. Both women have taken roles in Vogue for over fourteen years. The movie shows the crazy process of creating the September issue through showing designers and their pieces and editors and their work. Anna Wintour is the center of fashion, and she can decide what is in an what is out through her greatly deserved influence. I am looking forward to seeing this movie come out. Be sure to see it when it on September 11th in select cities!

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