25 April 2009

Summer Whites and Bold, Bright Colors

Paul & Joe

Rebecca Taylor

Juicy Couture

Diane von Furstenberg

Thread Social


Whites tones and bright-pop colors make a statement for summer. Pairing the two trends together, such as the Paul & Joe dress, shows how complementing the trend can be. White dresses look great for everyday or even making a relaxing trip to the beach. The bright-pop colors make and fashion forward person stand out! Bright shorts paired with neutral tops embody both of these summer trends.


From my place of employment,  American Eagle made some great, colorful, and trendy, summer shorts. These bright colors such as blue and orange exemplify the bright color pop trend. 


  1. I love the free people shirt and those bright blue shorts!!

  2. Hi! Interesting blog! I found you on teenvogue jajaja, I really love your floral lilac dress from the past pics.


  3. congrats on the teenvogue girl of the week.

  4. oh cool i work at AE too (well used to, i turned in my two weeks yesterday :\)