25 March 2009

March Lion

Here I'm wearing an American Apparel white cotton dress and mauve vest, and Linea Pelle Dar purple belt that has rivets and rhinestones on it. It is  fun spring outfit, once the weather gets warmer. Also, I got the coolest Nike Dunks from Provider in Australia. They have patchwork floral patterns on them. The floral is perfect for the upcoming season! Lastly, I am wearing a dark green crochet shirt, J-brand jeans, and a great pair of Joie boots from New York. I am really looking forward for it to get nice out, and to be able to not wear coats!

©Feel Free Fashion


  1. I love the first outfit with the shoes, youre amazing! :)

  2. Omg those shoes!!! so cute


  3. Susie Bubble has those trainers...
    congrats on being picked Teen Vogue girl of the week!
    you have a great style.

  4. those shoes are the cutest! where can i get them? i have to have them