22 February 2009

Spring Has Sprung


British shoe designer, Nicholas Kirkwood has recently gotten together with the Italian label Maurizio Pollino to create a line of Spring/Summer 2009 shoes. Kirkwood tends to base his designs off of architectural styles, such as these adorable lazer cut leather boots.

Bottega Venetta shows off their signature woven leather with these trendy multiflowered wedges, perfect for the upcoming season.


So yesterday, I got the opportunity to model for Shoot the Moon Photography. It was a really fun experience, and I got to bring all my favorite outfits. In this picture I'm wearing a ballet inspired French Connection dress with pin tucks, and panel detail, and a double hem skirt. I am also wearing a pair of suede T-strap wedges. 

©Shoot The Moon Photography


  1. Such a fun session Marlee! Can't wait to see your fashions for the spring shoot! Joy @ Shoot the Moon Photography www.stmphoto.com

  2. Hey!
    I found your blog through T-Vogue bc I LOVED your pic. Ah-dorable shoes

    What's Shoot the Moon Photography anyway?