25 December 2013

Happy Holidays

Sending good vibes to you this holiday season! xx

Blouse: Jack Henry NY
Mink Jacket: Vintage
Earrings: Gabriela Artigas

15 December 2013

Personal Website

Finished my personal website. Take a peak, here.

28 July 2013

What's Hot Right Now

Artistic pieces, quality leather, making big conversation: Paris House

Inimitable neoprene tailored lines, strong conceptions and smart design: N.L.P. Women

Greek designer, industrial design, with her Grandmother's inspiration, from family business to her own plexiglass designs: Urania Gazelli

Eva and Gorga, NYC, creating fine jewelry, focusing on line quality, creating a story: Eva Fehren

The creative generation, celebrating all, handmade, hand crafted, with perfect imperfections: Mamadoux

19 June 2013


This summer, I was honored the opportunity to take on a marketing internship position at The Chicago Sun-Times: SPLASH. Throughout my days here, working with three other fabulous blonde interns and one not-so-dull fashion blogger, I have learned quite a lot about what to wear in the professional world. 

With my grungy university gear and leggings put to the way side, I have become quite versed in what a chic and stylish business lady must wear in the office. Apparently, everyone must acquire the Hermès Hapi or Kelly bracelet to be considered in vogue and a good watch, whether it be a Cartier or Rolex is a desirable must. And the end all be all for any business woman is a pair of Prada or Christian Louboutin heels.

While at the moment, I can only gawk at Hermès bracelets and Rolex's, and Christian Louboutin heels for the matter, I am the most sure that I have ever been that with hard work and effort, I will have great success. Helping plan events, coordinating gift bags, and conversing with advertisers, I have taken on the responsibilities that will lead me down what I hope to be a successful path and with time, I will be able to dress the part of a stylish and glamorous business mavin. #getitgirl

11 March 2013